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Mrs. Doubtfire As a Psychological Thriller | 90’s Flashback

Chances are, you’ve seen Mrs. Doubtfire a couple of times. I.e., movie theaters, bus trips, rented VHS copy, hung over on a Sunday afternoon, etc. Anyways, check out the recut trailer to this gem from the 90’s… You’ll be glad you did.


Video: Drunk Girl Kisses Dead Skunk

If drunk girls and cleavage doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe watching someone kiss a dead skunk will. Regardless, feel free to enjoy this little gem that I came across today. By the way, please do “skunky-poo” a favor, and “Like” this post.

Video: Asian Kid Makes Lebron James Look Silly

What to expect:
1.) Beverly Hills Cop theme music .
2.) Lebron James getting stripped.
3.) An Asian kid dunking on/near Lebron’s head.
4.) A basketball hoop that would make, almost make the WNBA seem watchable.
5.) Nike confiscating yet another embarrassing video of King James.

-Keith Morgan

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