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Mrs. Doubtfire As a Psychological Thriller | 90’s Flashback

Chances are, you’ve seen Mrs. Doubtfire a couple of times. I.e., movie theaters, bus trips, rented VHS copy, hung over on a Sunday afternoon, etc. Anyways, check out the recut trailer to this gem from the 90’s… You’ll be glad you did.


10 Default Pictures You Should Avoid | Facebook Etiquette

10.) You as a kid: “You would never have guessed it, but I actually use to be kind of cute”.

9.) Duck face: How it became a popular trend to pose like this is beyond me. Ladies, trust me on this one, this facial expression is very difficult to masturbate to.

8.) Shirtless mirror shot: When I look into a mirror, it’s for one of two reasons; I’m either sprucing up, or I’m doing the mangina pose. Regardless, the last person who I want to see in a mirror is you, bro.

7.) Your pet: I honestly don’t mind if you upload a couple pictures of that little Chinese delicacy of yours. However, setting that “sumbitch” as your default picture makes you look like you have some sort of hidden agenda. With that being said, do us a favor and upload a picture of your peanut butter supply… I have a feeling that it’s pretty impressive.

6.) No picture: Hey, if this is the best picture you have, then so be it. BTW, I hear that women find mysterious men very irresistible.

5.) An ultrasound: The beginning stages of proud mom syndrome, and soon to be removed friend.

4.) A picture of your baby: The finalized stage of proud mom syndrome, and one of the most annoying people on your friends list. Your best bet is to click “remove as friend” (unless they’re family of coarse)

3.) A webcam mug shot: There’s a 50% chance that the person who’s gazing into your soul is a serial rapist.

2.) Fat girl cleavage: Fellas, looks can be deceiving.

1.) Public Display of Affection: 1 week later… relationship status: it’s complicated.

Honorable Mention

  • A picture that’s way too small
  • Team Logos/Favorite Athletes
  • A celebrity you think you look like
  • Your Snowmobile/ATV
  • Your favorite cartoon character
  • A picture of you exhaling “cigarette” smoke
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