Onondaga Community College | Parking Lot Rant

I don’t know about you, but I’m just about sick and tired of the parking lot shenanigans at OCC. For you freshman, I’m letting you know in advance—you are in for a rude awakening my friend. Truth be told, you rookies haven’t seen shit thus far. For lack of a better term, your parking lot “cherry” is about to be popped. Let’s just say, when the winter hits, the OCC parking lot turns into nothing short of a full-out abortion. Come to mention it, judging by some of you “classy” broads that I see on campus, it’s safe to say that a few of you might know exactly how messy one of those procedures can be.

Believe it or not, the lack of available parking spots isn’t the only thing that’s making parking at OCC a complete kick to the nuts. Au contraire my friend. There’s actually a much douchier inconvenience that circulates the OCC parking lots.  Coming fully equipped with a whistle, a flashlight, and a pocketbook full of parking violations—BIG BAD “Student Security”. By the way, if any of you “enforcers of law” are reading this, I really hope that none of you “intimidating” goons hurt me. But seriously, It’d be nice if you pricks stopped distributing tickets just because a car doesn’t have the OCC parking sticker.

And on that note, why is that I need to register every vehicle that I drive to school? FOR SECURITY PURPOSES? Are you serious? It’s quite apparent that the presence of Student Security has kept these lots safe for over a year now. But no, they want me to go to Gordon hall, get harassed by some bible wielding Jehovah witnesses, wait an hour for my number to be called, and then; finally be given approved access to park in these god forsaken parking lots. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m calling bullshit on this one.

Keith Morgan


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